Communicate with Clarity, Energy and Empathy

I help my clients lead, sell and co-operate by increasing peoples communication skills

Hi and welcome! My occupational passion is to help my clients get great results by increasing peoples communication skills when meeting other people. I focus on a number of communication keys/truths/principles that will help you successfully lead, sell and cooperate. In an ever more digital world, I believe in analog communication and the value it brings.

As a Keynote Speaker, I focus on great (analog) communication, attractive goals and effective meetings.

As a Communication Coach, I increase your communication skills when you lead, sell, present, cooperate and teach.

As a Professional Moderator, I lead your conference, panel discussion or workshop so that you get satisfied participants and great results.

To date, I have written 8 books on communication and motivation. Three of them has been translated to English and you can find them all on Amazon.

Looking forward to get in touch with you!

//Antoni Lacinai

ps: Connect with me on LinkedIn. I love networking.

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Maximize your performance with HAPPY goals.

Av Antoni Lacinai | Mar 1, 2018

This is a one-minute filmed interview where Speaker Forum in Finland pose the question to me: What are the keys of successful goal setting? My answer? Take a minute and find out.

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6 Communication Truths That Everyone Should know

Av Antoni Lacinai | Dec 18, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce what has been on my bucket list for a while; My first TED-talk is out. And I have a dream goal…

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Five steps to a better workshop

Av Antoni Lacinai | Nov 29, 2017

The right Question + the right Instruction + the right Atmosphere = a Great Workshop

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Soon time for my first TEDx Talk

Av Antoni Lacinai | Aug 16, 2017

It has been on my bucket list for about two years. ”I want to share some of my ideas around communication at a TED conference”

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This will make you unique in B2C sales!

Av Antoni Lacinai | Jun 29, 2017

There is a secret, a Unique Selling Point that can be yours if you are into B2C sales. To get there, I’ll first give you three examples of when I have was the customer recently. Or at least tried to be …

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5 Truths about Communication that all sales people should know

Av Antoni Lacinai | Jun 4, 2017

I had the honor of giving a keynote speech to 1700 sales people in Lithuania the other week. If you want to invest 30 minutes then feel free to watch, reflect, share. Also, I was interviewed after my speech, so if you want more of my thoughts on communication, here’s another 15 minutes:  

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A sales meeting? I thought it was a customer meeting?

Av Antoni Lacinai | Maj 8, 2017

So when you call a customer, is it a sales call or a customer call? And does it matter? If you want to read my mind, check out the LinkedIn-post ”A sales meeting? I thought it was a customer meeting?” (psst: Being passionate about communication, I do believe it matters what you call it)

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Exhibition tip 8. The Top 5 Influencing Tactics

Av Antoni Lacinai | Maj 5, 2017

Welcome to part 8 of the tips and tricks on how to be a great stand staff at exhibitions. This time it’s about how to influence people.  

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6 tips for a great panel discussion

Av Antoni Lacinai | Apr 25, 2017

If you are in a panel discussion on stage, it may be good to know how to behave. Here are six quick tips: Find out if this is a debate or discussion. Debate is about winning or losing. A discussion has no winner. Instead everyone contributes and listens. Ask yourself two questions before you join…

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New book: Virtual Meetings

Av Antoni Lacinai | Mar 20, 2017

Are you leading people at different offices or even time zones? Then this book, Virtual Meetings, is for you.

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