Is Employee engagement. Customer experience and Leadership communication important to you?

For event organizers


When lecturing:

If I use my own computer, I wish for:

  • A projector with an HDMI connection
  • Sound
  • Headset if there are more than 30 people in the audience
  • Preferably two Flip charts on stage
  • A chair

If you handle all the tech-stuff, I wish for:

  • that you install the font Lemon Yellow Sun so that my ppt looks correct.
  • A screen where I can see the current and the upcoming slide.
  • A clicker
  • Two Flip Charts (preferably) on stage
  • A chair


I'll email it to you.


As a moderator:

  • Headset if there are more than 30 people in the audience
  • A bar table


I have no expectations of getting any gifts after a speech. The fact that you have allowed me (and paid me) to share my thought is more than enough. If you still wish to give me something, I would be most happy if you can contribute to WWF and save some trees instead.

As a trainer:

Please ask me how to set up the room.


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Elevate Your Workplace Communication, Engagement, and Performance

Over the last 25 years, I have studied, searched and gathered 20 communication keys/truths/principles that will help you successfully lead, sell and cooperate, to have more fun at work while getting better results.

Possible titles for keynotes and lectures:

  • Employee engagement. How your leadership and collaboration through ourstanding workplace communication triggers employee engagement and performance.
  • Don’t get me wrong! - The mysteries of workplace communication and the keys to unlock them.
  • Great leadership communication leads to great results! - How 20 communication lessons will bring more motivation and employee engagement.
  • World Class Customer Experience - To Serve Has Nothing To Do With Tennis!
  • Analog Dialog - Why analog communication is better than digital, and why you still need both.
  • GOALS! - How to set them, get them and have fun.

Book me as a Speaker at your conference and I will deliver carefully selected parts of these 20 success factors of human communication and how they are linked to motivation/engagement and then to performance and results. I will deliver with high energy, empathy and clarity. You will get an inspirational speaker who will give you concrete tools that you can use right away.

I recently got rated as a Platinum Speaker according to speakerrating.com which I am very proud of.


Do you need a Professional Moderator to your conference? I am regarded one of the best moderators around, and I will gladly lead your conference, panel discussion or workshops so that you get satisfied participants and great results. I am industry agnostic, having moderated conferences with topics of paper, pasta, telecom and IT, agriculture, procurement, finance, leadership, medical, manufacturing, automotive, politics etc.

If a background in a particular industry is important, my background is within leadership and marketing in the IT and telecom business.


Do you need to elevate your companies communication skills?
Hire me as a Communication Coach
, I increase your skills when you lead people and meetings, sell ideas and products, present, work with customer service or in a booth at a trade show, cooperate with team members or run your own workshops. I design the training sessions for my. Once size do not fit all.



Read my books. I have written and co-written 12 books on communication and motivation. Some of them has been translated to English and you can find most of them on Amazon.


Looking forward to get in touch with you!

//Antoni Lacinai
+46 732 511 420

ps: Connect with me on LinkedIn. I love networking.