Communicate with Clarity, Energy and Empathy

I help my clients lead, sell and co-operate by increasing peoples communication skills

Hi and welcome! My occupational passion is to help my clients get great results by increasing peoples communication skills when meeting other people. I focus on a number of communication keys/truths/principles that will help you successfully lead, sell and cooperate. In an ever more digital world, I believe in analog communication and the value it brings.

As a Keynote Speaker, I focus on great (analog) communication, attractive goals and effective meetings.

As a Communication Coach, I increase your communication skills when you lead, sell, present, cooperate and teach.

As a Professional Moderator, I lead your conference, panel discussion or workshop so that you get satisfied participants and great results.

To date, I have written 8 books on communication and motivation. Three of them has been translated to English and you can find them all on Amazon.

Looking forward to get in touch with you!

//Antoni Lacinai

ps: Connect with me on LinkedIn. I love networking.

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6 Communication Truths That Everyone Should know

Av Antoni Lacinai | Dec 18, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce what has been on my bucket list for a while; My first TED-talk is out. And I have a dream goal…

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Five steps to a better workshop

Av Antoni Lacinai | Nov 29, 2017

The right Question + the right Instruction + the right Atmosphere = a Great Workshop

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Soon time for my first TEDx Talk

Av Antoni Lacinai | Aug 16, 2017

It has been on my bucket list for about two years. ”I want to share some of my ideas around communication at a TED conference”

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This will make you unique in B2C sales!

Av Antoni Lacinai | Jun 29, 2017

There is a secret, a Unique Selling Point that can be yours if you are into B2C sales. To get there, I’ll first give you three examples of when I have was the customer recently. Or at least tried to be …

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5 Truths about Communication that all sales people should know

Av Antoni Lacinai | Jun 4, 2017

I had the honor of giving a keynote speech to 1700 sales people in Lithuania the other week. If you want to invest 30 minutes then feel free to watch, reflect, share. Also, I was interviewed after my speech, so if you want more of my thoughts on communication, here’s another 15 minutes:  

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A sales meeting? I thought it was a customer meeting?

Av Antoni Lacinai | Maj 8, 2017

So when you call a customer, is it a sales call or a customer call? And does it matter? If you want to read my mind, check out the LinkedIn-post ”A sales meeting? I thought it was a customer meeting?” (psst: Being passionate about communication, I do believe it matters what you call it)

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Exhibition tip 8. The Top 5 Influencing Tactics

Av Antoni Lacinai | Maj 5, 2017

Welcome to part 8 of the tips and tricks on how to be a great stand staff at exhibitions. This time it’s about how to influence people.  

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6 tips for a great panel discussion

Av Antoni Lacinai | Apr 25, 2017

If you are in a panel discussion on stage, it may be good to know how to behave. Here are six quick tips: Find out if this is a debate or discussion. Debate is about winning or losing. A discussion has no winner. Instead everyone contributes and listens. Ask yourself two questions before you join…

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New book: Virtual Meetings

Av Antoni Lacinai | Mar 20, 2017

Are you leading people at different offices or even time zones? Then this book, Virtual Meetings, is for you.

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Are you in love with reorgs?

Av Antoni Lacinai | Mar 16, 2017

Here’s a thought around reorgs, information meetings, and the challenges these two creates when you combine them… It’s on LinkedIn so your need that in order to read it Oh, no! Another BOHICA-meeting!  Enjoy! ^_^ //AL

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