Communicate with Clarity, Energy and Empathy

I help my clients lead, sell and co-operate by increasing peoples communication skills

Hi and welcome! I help you get great results by increasing your communication skills when meeting other people. I have gathered 15 communication keys/truths/principles that will help you successfully lead, sell and cooperate.

As a Keynote Speaker, I focus on great communication, attractive goals and effective meetings.

As a Communication Coach, I increase your communication skills when you lead, sell, present, cooperate and teach.

As a Professional Moderator, I lead your conference, panel discussion or workshop so that you get satisfied participants and great results.

I have written and co-written 9 books on communication and motivation. Three of them has been translated to English and you can find them all on Amazon.

Looking forward to get in touch with you!

//Antoni Lacinai

ps: Connect with me on LinkedIn. I love networking.

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Antoni Lacinai partnering up with international agency A-Speakers

Av Antoni Lacinai | feb 22, 2019

It is my honor to be part of the international speakers that A-Speakers will promote from now on

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The 3 Superpowers of Communication

Av Antoni Lacinai | feb 21, 2019

I love to make things simple. Here is an example of that. I give you the three superpowers of communication:  

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Five tips för a better workshop

Av Antoni Lacinai | feb 21, 2019

Want to lead effective workshops? Follow these five steps. Five tips for a better workshop

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Presentation skills tip 1/10. Set goals!

Av Antoni Lacinai | jun 11, 2018

If you set a proper goal you will increase your own performance and you will help the audience to focus on the right things. All explained in a minute:

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Behind the scenes of a TEDx

Av Antoni Lacinai | maj 18, 2018

What’s it like to be a speaker? What’s it like to do a TEDx? Listen to the great Dodi Axelson’s pod: Meet an Average Joe and find out ps – the link is to her LinkedIn page

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The 5 biggest challenges leading a Virtual meeting

Av Antoni Lacinai | maj 2, 2018

To lead a great virtual meeting is far from easy. From a LinkedIn article is wrote recently: here are 5 challenges you must overcome, to get an effective virtual meeting.    

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Maximize your performance with HAPPY goals.

Av Antoni Lacinai | mar 1, 2018

This is a one-minute filmed interview where Speaker Forum in Finland pose the question to me: What are the keys of successful goal setting? My answer? Take a minute and find out.

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6 Communication Truths That Everyone Should know

Av Antoni Lacinai | Dec 18, 2017

Theme: We must reclaim our analog communication skills in this ever more digital world Title: Six Communication Truths That Everyone Should Know If you found my message (and delivery) good, please like and share If you found it great, ask your friends and colleagues to do the same Thanks ^_^ //Antoni

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Five steps to a better workshop

Av Antoni Lacinai | Nov 29, 2017

The right Question + the right Instruction + the right Atmosphere = a Great Workshop

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Soon time for my first TEDx Talk

Av Antoni Lacinai | aug 16, 2017

It has been on my bucket list for about two years. ”I want to share some of my ideas around communication at a TED conference”

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