7 workplace behaviors I despise!

Communication, employee engagement and results go hand in hand. These seven behaviors below will cause anxiety and get you on your way to bankruptcy faster than your can say “Workplace communication”.

1. GREEDY BOSSES. Don’t think for a second that no-one sees what you are doing? You who travel in business class when everyone else is in the back of the plane. You who keep your fruit baskets at the executive floor but remove them for everyone else. You who use the company’s money for your 50-year birthday. You who bring your family on vacation and let the taxpayer pay for it. You who get a bonus for laying off a thousand employees. You are being watched!

2. BULLYING IN ALL SHAPES AND FORMS. Don’t claim that “you did nothing” when you mock or threaten people, or pretend that they don’ exist. Or if you watch when others do. Understand that people are getting hurt and stand up to that shitty behavior! and STOP doing it!

3. SABOTEURS. Don’t come to work and actively ruin it for your co-workers. You are not paid to sabotage. If you are disappointed with your boss, find a new boss! If you did not get a raise, do not steal the toilet paper as compensation. Lead, follow or leave. If your employer does not share your values, tell them. If that doesn’t help, then leave.

4. ENDLESS INFORMATION MEETINGS. No living person wants to sit for hours and watch 227 worthless slides, and managers who, with a monotonous voice, read out loud. Nobody wants to be a zombie who leaves these meetings drained of energy. Stop tormenting your colleagues with such vampire behavior!

5. KNOW-IT-ALLS. Who has made you the one who knows best about everything and who is also quick to point out how incompetent others are? If you are so bloody excellent, then do everything yourself. Communicate with the intention of helping others instead of glorifying yourself. Otherwise, shut up!

6. POISONOUS COWARDS. Don’t go behind the backs of your colleagues and trash-talk them. Don’t manipulate your colleagues to whine so you can smile in the background. Don’t pretend everything is fine and then stab them in the back. Just stop!

7. ME-MYSELF-AND-I-PEOPLE. Who said you are God’s only gift to this workplace? Who has said that it is only your opinion that is interesting and valuable? Who has claimed that other peoples’ thoughts and feelings are irrelevant? If someone has done it, they have lyed. Show interest and you will be rewarded. Otherwise, you will soon be a tiring guy that no one wants in the vicinity. Cut it out!

My advice: Do the opposite.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. Feel free to share if you think more people can benefit from them.

//Antoni Lacinai, global speaker on workplace communication for higher employee engagement, better leadership and great customer care.

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