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Are you in love with reorgs?

Here’s a thought around reorgs, information meetings, and the challenges these two creates when you combine them… It’s on LinkedIn so your need that in order to read it Oh, no! Another BOHICA-meeting!  Enjoy! ^_^ //AL

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3 reasons why people hate goals

If you’re on LinkedIn, I would like to share with you the three reasons so many people hate goals. It’s a column of approximately on A4 page. Do you agree on my view, or do you have other explanations? //Antoni

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3 Communication Keys to Unlock Your Mojo

Putting yourself in an optimal state of mind is a key, to perform at your peak level. People who are “in the zone” often experience a calmness, sometime joy, paired with a laser-sharp focus. And it starts with what and how you communicate…

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