3 Communication Keys to Unlock Your Mojo

Putting yourself in an optimal state of mind is a key, to perform at your peak level. People who are “in the zone” often experience a calmness, sometime joy, paired with a laser-sharp focus. And it starts with what and how you communicate…

But how do you get there? Well, to get the right Mojo! meaning that your emotions are in great shape, you need to do three things. I’ll use a trivial example – Getting out of bed in the morning:

  1. 1.     Think great thoughts. If you wake up and only think about how early it is, and that you really didn’t sleep much at all, chances are that your feelings toward getting out of bed will be somewhat negative. This will not help your performance at all. Instead, do the opposite. Tell yourself that you are ready. Ask yourself what great things might happen today? What you think, affects your Mojo!
  2. 2.     Do great things. What if you look reeeaaaallllyyy tired. What if you, instead of just getting up, almost have this wrestling fight with an imaginary opponent keeping you down? What if you finally leave your bed, but stagger out to your rest room half your normal stance and hight? You get the picture. Instead, smile, stretch and jump out of bed (am I asking too much?) Walk like a million bucks. The difference is immediate, and at worst, you can always laugh about how ridiculous you look. Which makes you happy. What you do, affects your Mojo!
  3. Say great things. I am now talking about saying things out loud, as opposed to the Think-part. Not saying “Oh my GOD I am tired. Please lord. I can’t stand this” and so on. Instead, why not say: “Good morning!, What a great day we have ahead of us! And so forth. And if you actually are tired, at least don’t say it. What you say, affects your Mojo!

Your Mojo, being your emotions, flow and state of mind, are vulnerable, or at least fragile. Negative talk, thoughts or actions influence you (and others) more than your might think.

Am I who writes this post perfect? By all means No. After three hours of worthless golf a while back, I admit I “accidently” threw a Sandwedge longer than I made the ball fly… Did it help? No… so I am working on practicing what I preach every day. Often with great results by the way.

Good luck with your own Mojo!

Best regards //Antoni Lacinai



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