3 main lectures I will give during 2017

You want inspiration as well as tools on how to have better meetings, work on your goals, co-operate more effectively or lead great meetings?

For you, I have categorized three main speaking topics from my side:


– GOALS. Set them. Get them. Have fun. For you in working groups or by yourself who want to reach goals faster and easier while maintaining a positive outlook.
– 9,5 KEYS TO GREAT COMMUNICATION at your workplace and with customers. There are number of “truths” that will help you in your search for better relationships within your team and other departments, better customer meetings, better leadership etc.
– BETTER MEETINGS PLEASE! Face to face or virtual. How to set them up, run them and get great results. One of the greatest RoI potentials in an organization today is actually to run more effective and efficient meetings. More than half of all internal meetings are inefficient. And virtual meetings are even worse. Want to get tips? Here’s where it starts.

About Antoni:

Antoni Lacinais mission is to help you reach your goals easier through great communication when meeting other people.

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