Imagine going in to a store where you don’t just take what you need from a shelf, but instead discuss with a sales rep first, before making up your mind. It could be a computer store for instance, and you are in the market for a new printer. The Sales guy doesn’t really ask you any questions but try instead to sell you a product he seem to like. He says that it is superfast. But you are in no hurry so you answer that you don’t care. He gets hesitant and tries with the fact that it is an inc-printer. You still don’t care. He starts to get annoyed and tells you that it is cheap, easy to connect to a pc, black, and that it comes with a carton of A4 papers. You still don’t care. Soon enough he runs out of arguments. You leave the store…
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Then you go into another one. All of the sudden you meet somebody who sees you, show interest and asks you questions about your need. You answer that you mostly would like to use it to print those nice pictures of your family that you took with your new smartphone. You want to create your own Christmas cards and your existing printer can’t do that. He empathizes. He gets it. You want a printer with high quality printouts on photo paper. It should be wireless since you won’t connect you phone to a printer (wow, you didn’t even know that!). He shows you one or perhaps a couple of models that really fits your need.

You leave the store. But this time you carry a printer under your arm…

The first sales person uses the Spray-and-Pray technique. He just hopes that one of the arguments, features etc hits you, or that you are kind enough to catch any of them flying your way.

The second person is simply interested in you, making sure you get exactly what you need.

When you sell – Be like the second one.

Bless you



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