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What makes Donald Trump such a good communicator?

Late autumn 2016. The world was in a state of shock. An unscrupulous billionaire, TVstar, Grab-them-by-the-pussy-old-man was elected as the next US president. How the hell could it happen? Many have followed this circus with fascination, disgust, but also love for his sarcasm, outbursts, his waving hands, arrogant “nose-in-the-air”, and simple linguistic use. I claim…

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TEDx. Analog communication in an ever more digital world

Theme: We must reclaim our analog communication skills in this ever more digital world Title: Six Communication Truths That Everyone Should Know If you found my message (and delivery) good, please like and share If you found it great, ask your friends and colleagues to do the same Thanks ^_^ //Antoni

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First impressions last

Imagine you are working in a booth at an expo. It is way past lunchtime and you still haven’t got around to eat. You are tired. Your feet hurt. The last visitor was a drag. And as you turn around, a new visitor approaches you…

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