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A webinar about webinars

Everything you need to know about Online Conferencing, with Gerd Leonhard and Antoni Lacinai, The Futures Agency A digital conference with Antoni Lacinai and Gerd Leonhard, plus other special guests, presented by The Futures Agency. Antoni Lacinai is an MC and an international Keynote speaker on workplace communication. One of his 12 published books is…

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Is employee engagement really about employees?

Study after study show that the engagement level is fairly low among employees. Sure, a few are actively engaged, motivated and willing to go that extra mile. Some, however, are doing what they can to sabotage, bully and in other ways behave like bad apples. For that second group: Take a long look in the…

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What makes Donald Trump such a good communicator?

Late autumn 2016. The world was in a state of shock. An unscrupulous billionaire, TVstar, Grab-them-by-the-pussy-old-man was elected as the next US president. How the hell could it happen? Many have followed this circus with fascination, disgust, but also love for his sarcasm, outbursts, his waving hands, arrogant “nose-in-the-air”, and simple linguistic use. I claim…

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