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6 Communication Truths That Everyone Should know

Theme: We must reclaim our analog communication skills in this ever more digital world Title: Six Communication Truths That Everyone Should Know If you found my message (and delivery) good, please like and share If you found it great, ask your friends and colleagues to do the same Thanks ^_^ //Antoni

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6 tips for a great panel discussion

If you are in a panel discussion on stage, it may be good to know how to behave. Here are six quick tips: Find out if this is a debate or discussion. Debate is about winning or losing. A discussion has no winner. Instead everyone contributes and listens. Ask yourself two questions before you join…

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Are you in love with reorgs?

Here’s a thought around reorgs, information meetings, and the challenges these two creates when you combine them… It’s on LinkedIn so your need that in order to read it Oh, no! Another BOHICA-meeting!  Enjoy! ^_^ //AL

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